Is Android now taking over the operating system market?

Google’s android has been steadily gaining popularity in the world’s mobile phone industry, especially in foreign markets such as China where it has long since overtaken the once ubiquitous iPhone.

Now the tech

This is largely because Android is a Linux based mobile operating system and an open source software for that matter. The Android system has proved to be a force to be reckoned with compared to other proprietary mobile systems like Nokia’s Symbian operating system, Samsung’s OBada operating system, BlackBerry’s operating system, and the Apple’s iOS system, just to mention a few.


It’s no wimp!

Android has proved to be a robust system that can work with a number of devices, and of course, as mentioned is an open source system which makes it far cheaper for mobile phone companies to utilise.

Now we love Android and so here is our top ten of uses for this great open source platform:

  1. Android Watches
    It was quite unbelievable that at some point in time that smart watches would be a reality, now it is. MOTO ACTV is one among many Android based Watches; the watch incorporates a GPS system, MP3 Player, heart rate monitor, wireless connectivity, and can help you control your android smart phone remotely within the range of the wireless connectivity.
  2. Smart sunglasses
    Rumour has it that Google have invented the first ever, Smart Sunglasses. Until recently, this was only witnessed in movies. These pair of glasses has Heads up Display that displays the images on the field of view of the glasses, a GPS system, Google maps, goggles, latitudes and other services meaning useful in navigation, it uses voice commands. Technically the use of these smart glasses is virtually unlimited.
  3. Home appliances
    Android has surprisingly taken over a niche in the home appliances section. Recently LG and Samsung have made a few interesting smart Appliances. For example a refrigerator with a touchscreen built-in android system that helps you keep tabs of your food stock, notifications, and also read mails and other online services, other appliances are like washing machines, the essence of having android system in these appliances is that it makes them easier to control them remotely using android smart phone.
  4. Infotainment systems for Carsandroid-apps-topic
    Android is also taking an overwhelming popularity in the automobile industry, android based automobile infotainment system are increasing on demand by most auto making industry e.g. Ford’s OpenXC system that combines both Android and Arduino open source hardware platform.
  5. Home automation systems
    Home automation systems have been around for some while. Google offered a simple way to make home automation system that are supported by android, using Arduino open source hardware module, that will make easy for android app developers to create apps that controls lighting systems, and security systems.
  6. Cameras
    Samsung was recently awarded the best smart camera. Samsung’s galaxy camera is a hybrid of both android smart phone and a camera.
  7. Smart TV
    Android has proven itself to be the operating system of choice for most smart TV operating system. A good example is the Lenovo K91 smart TV model running android 4.0
  8. DECT phones
    Another wide reach of android run devices, a desk phone that can be synchronized with your smart phone to get all your contacts, it also allows you to video call and has inbuilt web browser.
  9. Game consoles
    The Gaming industry is at its peak, and android system is already at par with the rise. Android based Game console have seen a remarkable growth in the gaming industry, a good example is the portable JXD S7100 gaming tablet. And EVO gaming console.
  10. Mirrors
    The New Cybertecture smart mirror allows you mirror to be a display, android system using this system allows you to catch up on your social media sites, and read your mails as you are grooming.These are the some of the many other devices that use android system.