Dress for success

When you have your own home business it is all too easy to slip into the mentality that “nobody sees me, what does it matter what I wear”? Believe me it matters a whole lot, especially to your subconscious!

Imagine how you would feel if you were still wearing your pyjamas or your usual sweats when you received an urgent phone call to meet one of your customers or even worse, a potential client arrived at your door! How would you feel? Would you feel totally confident in your abilities or would the situation knock your confidence a bit? Why take the risk? Surely you have smart casual clothes that make you feel good about yourself that you could wear while working in your home office.

Part of the work at home battle is to feel confident about what you are doing and when things go wrong, the last thing you need to do is to look in the mirror and think, “I do look like a failure” or “I wish I was better dressed” like we all have done at one time or another.

How many times have you thought about a household job to do when you are supposed to be working at your desk? I would bet almost everyone who works from home has had these thoughts and most have even acted on these thoughts. This is because your subconscious is telling us that because we are in our normal house clothes and we are in the house we should be working on the house, doing our usual household routines. We need to train our self-conscious to forget about household chores and to concentrate on building our business into a success and part of this re-training is to dress appropriately for working in our home office.

When we work in an office or an outside business environment we usually get dressed up for work and then when we get home we change into something more comfortable. When we decide to work from home our “office” clothes are resigned to the back of the wardrobe and we automatically start wearing our usual around the house clothes.

Why do we do this? Is it because we get sucked into the “I’m at home so I dress like I do when I’m at home” syndrome? Why put ourselves at disadvantage, dress the part, dress for success, your success!

At times we all need to elaborate our experience to get the job, its not that you don’t have confidence in your abilities, its just that you’ve never done this type of job before. Imagine trying to convince someone to give you the job while wearing your sweat pants and then imagine convincing them to hire you wearing your smart business wear? It doesn’t need to be a suit, just so long as you are smart. Which situation would win hands down?

You see actors and actresses putting on their costumes to play a part that is the total opposite of their personalities but once they put on that costume, they become the part, they live and breath the part. The same can be said about you, when you start out you are full of enthusiasm for your new ventures but as time goes on, reality hits and you realise that you really are running a business with bills to pay, products and/or services to sell and customers to find and satisfy. For many of us it’s a new territory that we are in. Become an actor, put on your business clothes and become the businesswoman that you dream about being. For a while you will be acting but before long you when you put on your working clothes you will suddenly realise, you are that businesswoman with or without the costume and a successful one at that!

Go on dig out your home business clothes that are lingering at the back of your wardrobe and start wearing them. Just feel the difference it makes to your attitude towards your business abilities and then act on these feelings. You are a success, you just need to start to look like it and when you do, business world watch out!

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