This is why I don’t like having that many readers

Spelling it out for the confused

So other blogs have linked to my rant about letting Sunny starve to death, and those blogs have comments, and I of course obeyed the bad part of me and read the comments, and learned that some people are really dumb.

Let me spell something out like we’re all four years old:

The comparison between starving Sunny (a dog) to death and starving Terri Schiavo to death makes sense for one reason, which should be obvious to even the most hardheaded: Neither Sunny nor Terri (according to her husband) have one shred of human consciousness.

I could legally put a bullet in Sunny’s head if I wanted to, as long as I was using my gun legally (i.e., not in my backyard). In fact, I can kill all kinds of animals if I so choose. Because they are animals. And not humans. No sentience or spiritual consciousness.

Terri Schiavo, according to her husband, has no sentience or consciousness. This is how he justifies starving and/or dehydrating her to death.

She is, in this paradigm, lower than a conscious animal, which can at least still communicate and can obviously feel pain. And thus the state says it’s okay to starve her to death.

I would not object to giving Terri Schiavo the equivalent of a bullet in the head – such as a lethal injection – if it were in fact proven that she “would want” that. Which it is not. Her husband only says so, and many of you think that’s enough. The word of a man who has been committing adultery for a decade and who says “Terri died 15 years ago” yet he refuses to divorce her and let her folks take care of her. It is abominable.

Anyhow, comparing a dog to a person who is supposedly in a permanent vegetative state is not at all unreasonable, except that it might be unfair to the dog, who has at least some awareness.

If you think Terri Schiavo is sentient and therefore capable of having any wishes or rights, then you cannot justify starving her.

If you think she is wholly unconscious, unaware of anything, and no different than an actual carrot or piece of broccoli that can be left out to dry up and die, then you cannot possibly logically reason that she has any rights or could be suffering from above-mentioned vegetative state. Therefore, you have no reasonable objection to letting her continue to live in that state, receiving the testing and therapy she has thus far been refused by her psychopath of a husband, and giving her over to the care of her blood relatives.

Bam. That is all there is to it.

Now leave me alone. The reason I don’t have comments or e-mail is because I truly do not want to hear any crap about how stupid I am. I didn’t invite anyone here and I didn’t invite any other bloggers to re-post or link to my rant. Honestly, if I thought more than my usual cadre of regular readers would read what I write, I wouldn’t write it.

I am not the freaking New York Times. I don’t owe you anything. I am not morally required to think everything through and present it in a perfectly reasoned, civil, professional way. Jesus, it’s just ranting and is not meant to be a definitive statement on a life-or-death issue. So relax.

It’s amazing what this story has done to some people and how shitty everyone is getting about it. I’m not gonna say another word myself, as the way I figure it, she’s spent five days with no water or food, and will probably die soon, and no one will give a shit anymore once the next child abduction occurs or Michael Jackson’s face falls off while he walks from his SUV to the courthouse door.

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