Business Services

We can offer fast response times from 1 hour for remote support, and 2 hours for on-site, and can deal with all computer and server maintenance related issues.

Whether a system has failed completely or is just under performing, we can diagnose the fault in a very short  space of time and get your systems back to normal.  Our engineers aim is to get the maintenance work completed in the shortest time possible and with the least inconvenience to your business.

We can provide minimal down time for your computer systems, as we have most parts in stock and can obtain all other parts in less than 24 hours.  Average maintenance completion times for hardware related problems are within 24 – 48 hours. All are guaranteed for the standard period of 3 months.


Computer repairs which are software problems can usually be resolved remotely or on-site, however with hardware problems it may be necessary to take systems to our workshop for testing in order to determine the fault and repair the computer Computer and Server Maintenance repairs are covered by our standard 3 month repair warranty.

Because we hold most parts in stock, our repairs are completed quicker than most other IT companies, with most computer hardware repairs dealt with and returned in less than 24 hours.

Our team have over 25 years combined computer repair experience and always get repair work carried out fast. Unlike many other IT companies we have the expertise and equipment to carry out some motherboard repairs and soldering work such as DC socket replacement.


We are a registered partner and reseller of AVG Antivirus. Licence packages are available to covercomputers and servers and we can provide competitive quotes for supply and installation of Business Antivirus Protection.

We are also able to offer virus removal for computers already infected by either viruses or malware.

We provide virus removal and also malware removal for infected computers and servers. It’s very important to deal with such infections immediately as they can spread across a computer network and infect other machines.

Businesses must use proper business antivirus or they seriously risk the loss of important data and additionally computer systems becoming crippled by an infection. It only takes one virus infected pen drive and one unprotected computer and this can become the start of the end.

Some Malware and Viruses corrupt data and some lay silently monitoring your actions in order to steal personal data, usernames and passwords.

Our engineers deal with virus removal and malware removal several times per week, we are able to filter them out, repair the damage and save the important data.

Business Email

We can set-up email accounts for an existing website domain or alternatively can register a new domain name and set up individual email accounts as required.

In addition to registration and set-up we can additionally host the mail on our server if required.

If you have exchange server setup we can add these additional accounts and setup on computers through outlook exchange, or set these email accounts up directly bypassing with email client software. Business email support for all your needs. Contact Us to learn more