We can design a network to suit your business environment dependant on your requirements. We can additionally quote for and supply the equipment and systems required or use equipment purchased by you. Our network design services ensure your network is safe, secure and can meet the computing demands of your business.

Our engineers can install the network a time which is suitable for you, unlike most other IT companies we can work out of hours if required, carrying out network installations in the evening or over a weekend.

This flexible approach to computer networking installations, ensures the least possible interference and downtime during business working hours. Our network design and installation support is done around your business with the least inconvenience.

Our highly skilled engineers can provide fast onsite IT support with a response time from 2 hours.

On some occasions we may first suggest the use of offsite IT support, by which we would connect remotely to your computer system and try to resolve the issue remotely. This is a faster method but cannot be used under circumstances whereby the system will not switch on or there is no Internet, in such cases onsite IT support is the only option.

Our onsite IT support team We will try to resolve all matters on your premises, thus keeping downtime to a minimum. However for hardware failures it is usually necessary to take the computer or server to our workshop for further testing, or fitting of parts.

Our experience

  • We can setup new computer networks or modify existing ones, whether it’s a simple windows fileshare network between computers or a network server.
  • We have experience of computer networking running different operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Server networking experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 versions.
  • We offer network design and installation and can supply the equipment required or advise clients as to exactly what to purchase.
  • Computer networking for small and medium sized businesses of up to 50 computers.

Data Recovery

Data loss is bad for any business and we take this very seriously. There are different types of data loss, those caused by human error and those down to failure of the hard drive.

For hard drive failure it may be necessary to send the drive to a specialist lab if the problem is due to a head crash or the motor failing. Other faults such as PCB failure we may be able to take care of dependant on supply of identical parts.

After recovering data from damaged drives we can offer secure IT disposal for he old hard drive, ensuring no risk of your data ending up in someone’s hands. We can support businesses with data recovery services.

The best thing is to ensure that data is always backed up. We can provide a few different solutions that will ensure data is not lost in the event of HDD failure, – these include Raid Mirroring and automatic online data backup.

IT Disposal

The biggest worry when disposing of computer equipment is data security, particularly for business computers and servers. Secure IT disposal is what is needed thus ensuring not possibility of data recovery.

We can offer businesses a secure IT disposal service in which we guarantee that the data on the hard drives are destroyed to international military standards.

Simply deleting your files doesn’t remove them from the hard drive, it only removes the reference as to where they are. What we do is completely overwrite that contents of the drive using random characters over multiple passes, this is the only way to guarantee that the drive is safe to securely dispose of.

Our secure IT disposal services can give peace of mind that the data will never be recoverable under any circumstances.