Website Support

Does your business have an existing website that needs changes or an overhaul in order to bring it up to date? Do you have a website but it doesn’t generate any visitors? Our Website Development team can help.

With our vast knowledge in online marketing and experience in web design we can help whatever your needs. We have all the tools at our disposal and can develop any website into one that is not only up to date, but does what your business requires to meet it’s full potential on the world wide web.

Website Development services to help your businesses online presence.

We can provide web hosting solutions based around your business needs, from shared hosting to managed individual hosted accounts.

We can host business websites and email and provide businesses with the web hosting needed to run a modern business with an online presence, or just simply for business communications. Logic can help with all your Web Hosting needs.

We can do everything you may require from registering the domain, to designing and building the website, implementing SEO so that the website is found and setting up the email accounts on your individual computers. Our website development team have the necessary skills to help your business with all online matters.

SEO for your website

Lots of people build their own website online, thinking this is cheaper and a good idea for their business, this usually combines the design and web hosting all in one. This however is not correct and also a common misconception, as in general the majority of people don’t understand what is required in the building of a website, in order for it to rank high in the search results of various search engines.

Website SEO is the art of search engine optimisation, a process of onsite and offsite website factors which if done correctly will result in the website having a higher relevant presence in search results for search terms related to their businesses products an services.

Website SEO not only takes years to understand but is not possible to incorporate properly into such easy to build websites, thats because the manipulation of these sites is very limited. They are basically template websites with limited control to make the changes necessary to optimise them properly.

Most easy to build online websites will never get good search engine results as they can’t eb optimised and the user is stuck paying the site for a contractually agreed period, at the end of which they no longer have a website.

The only way to ever do proper Website SEO is to have a site built by a professional designer with lot’s of SEO experience. We have many years experience in this area and have built many successful websites using SEO, some of which compete in top 3 positions nationwide for competitive search terms. Website SEO done properly gets lots of visitors to a website and can generate good income for the business.

IT Support

We can provide all the advice you could require for you IT setup or implementing new IT systems, etc. Whatever issues you may be facing, we can guide you on what requirements are necessary for any setup and advice on overcoming IT hurdles.

We can consult on all matters inc Hardware, Networking, Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation / Website Marketing. We can provide one off, or on going support for a variety of situations and business requirements.

Consultations can be done face to face, over the phone and via email, we are very flexible to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your consultation IT Services needs. Logic’s IT consultants can support you in all your IT needs.

We provide IT support with consistently fast support response times, for remote IT support and on-site IT Support. Our highly qualified team have the knowledge and experience in all areas of computing from Server Support to Website Development.

With all round knowledge in computing our IT Support engineers can deal with any situation. We have expertise that other similar companies don’t have in the form or circuit board repairs and also have most parts in stock, thus ensuring the fastest in IT support.

Remote computer IT support is provided through the use of the industry leading software – Log me in Rescue, as used by Vigin Media and Norton Antivirus and many other IT support teams.

IT support from a team of dedicated professionals – we offer the highest level of customer care with the quickest response times.

Offsite support

We use the industry leading software “Log Me in Rescue” to provide immediate offsite support. This software allows us to connect to your computers and servers remotely with your consent.

This software is safe and secure and used by many large companies around the world, including the IT support teams at Virgin Media and Norton Antivirus.

Using this software we can provide fast offsite IT support and are able to resolve most matters fast without have to travel to your business premises. The benefit of this offsite IT support, is that most problems can be dealt with in a much shorter time frame.

On some occasions offsite IT support may no be possible as there may be no Internet or the system many not switch on, on such occasions we can provide Onsite IT Support