Website Design


Invest in an e-commerce website and it will repay you generously. Once established, e-commerce applications are cheap to maintain while growing more powerful every day. Consider that each product that you add is optimised to stand alone on the search engines – the more that you invest in your online store the more established you become.


  • One central location for all contacts: the latest and most up-to-date information is accessible to all.
  • Our extranet applications can boast a powerful calendar system, alerting people to important items with text messages.
  • Shared files can be made easily available to all. This is a particularly good way of sourcing files as it will always be the most recent version.
  • With measures in place to ensure only one person can update information at any one time, users will always be looking at the latest and most accurate information available. This can be critical in preventing disorganisaton and customers upset by poor communication.

Personal organisation

With a busy agenda it can be difficult to focus. As a solution to this we have developed an organisational application. If you work on a computer there is no better way to stay organised. Adding an item to your agenda takes seconds – the application exists to help you with your agenda as swiftly as possible, and if you forget something the system will send you a text message reminder.


We firmly believe that websites are an important asset for anyone who could benefit from additional interest. It seems that search engines are increasingly becoming the first point-of-call when a person is looking for something. For this reason, having a website is essential.

The key advantages of having a website designed and developed by are highlighted below.

  • The best websites are filled with the character of the parent topic. We ensure that the identity of your company is retained.
  • We have developed a powerful Content Management System, empowering you to control every aspect of your website.
  • The websites that we develop can always be expanded without the need for major change or expense.
  • We code to the latest standards to maximise accessibility.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about making your website appear on search engines before the websites of your competitors. The key advantages of our service are highlighted below.

  • We install the statistical software Google Analytics and make it available to you. This means that the success of our efforts can always be measured.
  • If you have an existing website which isn’t optimised to list pages individually on the search engines, we can re-develop that part of your application to achieve this.
  • We research the key words and phrases that lots of people search for, but which few competitors are optimised for.
  • We have experience in writing copy, allowing us to enhance reading experience and usability while adding links to boost your performance.