What is SceSoc

SCESOC stands for the Software and Computer Engineering Society. It’s a relatively new organization within Carleton, and its goal is to enhance the experience both inside and outside of the classroom for students in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering.

SCESOC was originally formed by a group of Software Engineering students. They felt that, while there existed student organizations on campus that were relevant to most disciplines in Engineering, there wasn’t a society to support those who study the software aspects of technology. SCESOC was created to fill that void.

Who May Join SceSoc

SCESOC wishes to make membership in the society as cheap as possible. And nothing’s cheaper than free! Instead of charging a membership fee, SCESOC will instead charge for individual events, so that members pay only for what they use or participate in, and every effort is made to fund raise to keep costs of these events down. SCESOC is geared toward students in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. However, anyone with an interest in software and computers may join!

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Contact Us

Technical inquiries may be directed to tech@scesoc.ca

General inquiries may be directed to the appropriate director. Please visit the directors page for more information.