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SCETalk – Developing Tools to Support Secure Software Design using Compass

Hey SCESoc! We have an upcoming SCETalk on Feb 1 at 6pm!

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Event details:

System architects, developers, and evaluators need simple and intuitive tools to help them design secure software systems. While a number of secure system design tools exist, it is hard for system architects and other stakeholders to keep up with the availability and improvement of these tools over time. This problem is compounded as more secure system design tools are released. To tackle these challenges, we developed Compass, a web-based toolkit to house secure system design tools. The goal with Compass is to create a one-stop-shop for secure system design tools to help system architects and other stakeholders keep up with the different tools and techniques to design secure systems. In this talk, we will discuss the need for developing adequate tools to support system architects and designers in developing secure software systems. We will introduce Compass and discuss its design and underlying technologies. Lastly, we will demonstrate several tools that have been developed for Compass and explain how students, researchers, and developers can create tools that are intuitive and effective along with how they can contribute with 4th year projects, undergraduate and graduate research, and more.

About the profs:

Dr. Jason Jaskolka is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and the Director of the Cyber Security Evaluation and Assurance (CyberSEA) Research Lab at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada. He received his Ph.D. in Software Engineering in 2015 from McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario. His research interests include cyber security evaluation and assurance, threat modeling, security-by-design, and formal methods and data-driven approaches for software and security engineering. He is interested in applying his research to critical infrastructures, industrial control systems, cyber-physical and distributed systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Joe Samuel is a Software Development Engineer specializing in Security at Ford Motor Company. His role involves architecting and implementing security solutions for Ford’s existing and future connected vehicles and technologies. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering in 2019 and his Master of Applied Sciences in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2021 from Carleton University. His interests lie within the intersection of science, technology, design, and engineering. His scientific contributions aim to bridge the gap between research and its application in the real world.


Societal Wars Patches 2021

Hey SCESoc! With Societal Wars beginning tomorrow, don’t forget to order your patches from last year! The yearly patches are designed to build a chain beneath the base patch. Order them now at

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Dev Day

Hey SCESoc! The Carleton Computer Science Society (CCSS) is hosting a one-day hackathon called Carleton Dev Day. And SCESoc is going to be hosting a talk about how to build your first project. Are you looking to work on a side project or build a portfolio? Don’t know where to start? Come out and learn how to build a successful project. Also, join the Dev Day discord to be a part of the rest of the hackathon and attend other talks and workshops and have a day of hacking fun –


SSENSE Technology Information Session

Hey SCESoc! SSENSE is hosting a virtual Ontario student exclusive event for those in the technology/ computer science/ software engineering stream. The event will be held on January 12 from 5:00-6:30pm and registration is required, link to sign up here:


Mentorship Program Sign Ups

Hey first years! Sign up for SCESoc’s mentorship program, open to all first years of any engineering stream! Link to sign up: