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Carleton CUSEC Subsidy Application

CUSEC (Canadian University Software Engineering Conference) is the largest student-run software engineering conference in Canada hosted in Montreal, which will see 10K+ attendees and 220+ speakers from all across Canada. This is an opportunity for students to network with their peers and industry professionals in a professional setting.

CCSS, IEEE, and SCEsoc are planning on sending a delegation to this conference to represent Carleton University at this prestigious conference under CUSEC Carleton. We are currently interested in sending students from various different backgrounds from the Faculty of Engineering and Design, School of Computer Science, and the School of Information Technology.

Our goal is to support Carleton students by partially funding the cost of hotel accommodations, bus travel fees, and conference tickets. Note that we will not be subsidizing meal costs. We will handle buying the tickets, paying the travel fees, and booking the hotel rooms.

Registration now using this link. Applications are due by November 23rd, 2023.

Note* If you are not selected for this funding, you are still able to attend the conference under CUSEC Carleton

If you have any questions, please reach out to either:
Carleton CUSEC Head Delegate – Julie Wechsler (
SCESoc President – Mircea Preotesoiu (
CCSS President – Victor Li (
IEEE Chair – Brian Yang (