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Hey SCESoc! Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence is hiring Summer 2022 Interns! Check out the details below: Research Internships Our world-leading researchers are pushing the boundaries of machine learning and deep learning in critical areas such as sequential decision making, generative models, and understanding machine learning and AI, privacy, security and fairness, and health care. Interested in working with them as a research intern this summer? Learn more and apply here ( Applications are now open and the deadline to apply is March 31st. Research & Applied Internships for Black & Indigenous Students In addition to research internships, we also recruit a number of Applied AI interns each term. This summer the applied internship stream is targeting Black and Indigenous students and postdocs to accelerate and expand access to knowledge of AI by providing relevant, hands-on learning and work experience in machine learning and AI. It is designed to meet the criteria of Special Programs in line with the values of the Ontario Human Rights Code, and specifically to assist disadvantaged and underrepresented groups to achieve equal opportunity in the field of AI. Learn more about programming for Black and Indigenous students. The application deadline is February 27th, 2022. Learn more & apply today! ( Have questions? Email us at

  1. There’s also a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence: The nomination period for the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence is currently open! If you or someone you know is pursuing an AI study path at an Ontario university this upcoming academic year (Spring 2022, Fall 2022, or Winter 2023 starts), this may be an opportunity you want to check out. The award is valued at $17,500 for one-year of full-time study and nominations are welcome from Core-Tech (i.e. STEM) and Complementary (e.g. health, business, policy) programs. Visit our website to learn more ( Eligible candidates should inform their prospective programs of their interest as soon as possible! Questions about the scholarship? Email
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Winter Directorships

Hey SCESoc! We’re hiring two winter directors! Check out the positions in the poster and apply below! Deadline February 19 2022!

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Upper Year Mentorship Program

Attention all upper year! SCESoc’s Mini Upper Year Mentorship program is now open for sign ups! We have a cool SCE Grad student who would like to impart wisdom to our fellow upper years. Form link: