Tim Kamuzu Banda Interview

This is a brand new column that will carry quick interviews with influential and sometimes controversial young people in Canada. To kick start the show, we are going to feature the controversial Tim Kamuzu Banda from TKB Projects Ltd. Who are responsible for Kenyan Society-UK.

Q: It took me very long to convince you to do this, why the reluctance?

TKB: I know but it is quite ironic because I am used to conduction Interviews not being the subject of one. I never know what to say.

Q: I will try and keep you calm. You are known to be de facto leader of Kensoc-UK despite there being directors and presidents. How true is that?

TKB: That is absolutely rubbish. I have never been the leader or anything close to that. I have never been the leadership material plus we have had very competent leaders in Sandra and Aaron. The position is presently vacant as a suitable replacement is sought.

Q: I am not sure that will convince anybody, so what position do you hold in the outfit?

TKB: I may have been the brains behind Kensoc but that is all that I am good at. I am absolute rubbish at leading people as I have mentioned before. I have all these great Ideas but without someone to lead the way for me, they end up no where. At the moment I am just in charge of policy formulation and implementation which is the lowest of ranks.

Q: So how was Kensoc-UK formed and what was the grand Idea behind plus who was involved?

TKB: Kensoc-UK was founded some two and a half years back and was the third of the TKB Projects Ltd. The Idea was to unite young Kenyans in the UK and give them a platform to speak as one voice. Instrumental to this were Sandra (first President), Rachel (former Secretary), Brenda Samaji, Andrew Magana and myself.

Q: Some people branded Kensoc-UK as just being an entertainment outfit, how true is that?

TKB: (Smiling) I have heard that before. It is true that we have had our fair share of hangs and all that but why do people forget the exhibitions, the sporting events, the seminars and all other things that we have done? It is all there for everyone to see.

Q: What challenges have you faced as being part of the management of Kensoc-UK?

TKB: It has not been easy but we knew that it was never going to be. The most problematic bit has been the financial aspect of the outfit. We have managed to go for nearly two years without proper financial backing. People have supported us here and there but most of us have had to dig dip in to our own resources to keep things going. It nearly bankrupt some of us but we are not complaining.

Q:   How are you coping with the financial difficulties?

TKB: Things are getting better as we speak. We are half way through securing a much needed grant which should stabilise us. We have also got an offer from a Kenyan business here to support our website for an amount a month which will be quite good plus Brenda is working on some merchandise project for us. So, yes we are getting out of it.

Q: I have also noticed that you have cut down on the activities that you are undertaking for the rest of this year, why is that?

TKB: That has been part of the restructuring process whereby we are holding on to our key events while finding other community organisations to partner us on other events.

Q: Any Idea as to who will be Kensoc-UK’s next president?

TKB: I have no idea at the moment and it is not my decision anyway. I know the team has a shortlist of possible candidates. All I know is that it will be a lady student and preferably a law student for some bizarre reason.

Q: A sticky question at Kensoc-UK at the moment, as I have noticed, is who is Brenda and how come not many people know her?

TKB: (Laughing) I have known Brenda for nearly a decade and she has been the manager for TKB Projects Ltd. For a long time now and the inspiration to many things that I do. She is based in America which may sound strange but is instrumental in every decision we make. So, those who are important know who she is and you are free to interview her next.

Q: So, it is someone really close to you then?

TKB: I will not answer that.

Q: I thought so, so what are the other TKB Projects?

TKB: There is the Media Project; there is Kensoc-UK, Magazines Projects, Environmental Initiative and Kenyan Exiles-UK which I am working on at the moment.

Q: One last question, are you single?

TKB: I shall not answer that one either. Do not trigger my shyness.

Q: One last word for scesoc members?

TKB: Thank you very much for the support.







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