Our favourite apps for your mobile phone

We love our smartphone, you love your smartphone, so what better way to start the day then a blog post about our favourite apps for mobile and tablets.

YouTube: It is the best place for video’s full stop, it’s rated the world over and continuously tops the polls of people’s favourite apps. Simply sign in to get access to your playlists, downloads, subscriptions and more.


  • Voice search: Easy to search videos and channels
  • Vast video catalogue
  • With channel guide UI you can instantly access channels you are subscribed to, share video’s to Facebook, Twitter, email and Google+.
  • You can read comments, enable subtitles, browse related videos

Waze: This app was a breakthrough when first released, you can avoid traffic and get to your destination quicker, what more do you want? You can get traffic information and even the best gas prices. with this app. It helps you by routing you without getting stuck in the traffic. You can also share your map with the friends.


  • Boosting your social
  • Based on community input you will be directed to the least congested route
  • Voice guidance-navigation
  • Shows you details on cheapest gas stationz on your route
  • As you contribute details of the traffic in the community you can get points
  • You can join current community or create a new community
  • You can contribute information in the community like hazards, accidents, police traps and many


CNN: News updates. Get the latest world news and views on the go. Stay tuned to news around the world, headlines or original stories. You can go in-depth into the stories you like.


  • Follow news as they develop
  • Get alerts instantly
  • Upload your views or stories to CCN directly from the app
  • You can add your image or video and send opinion to the iReport
  • Front can be adjusted
  • You can get beyond your expectations from this app such as politics, entertainment, international, tech and more stories

Find My Friend: You need to send a request to locate and find your friends. You can send your location to a group of friends but in a limited time. Through this you can view your kids leaving from school and family members arriving safely at home.


  • Location based alters
  • Easy to locate friends and family members
  • Temporary sharing option
  • Privacy controls Supports hundreds of languages

Find My Phone: If your phone is misplaced or lost or stolen you can easily locate your phone using this app. Simply sign in to this app you to locate your phone through a map, or a text message, or play a sound and you can even erase data if you have definitely lost the phone.


  • Find your lost phone
  • Even if the phone is in silent mode you can get a two minute full volume Battery charge indicator
  • Remotely lock your mobile
  • Display a custom text on the display
  • Driving directions to device location

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