2022-2023 Team

We hold a large variety of events, such as professional and technical skill development workshops, social gatherings, and networking opportunities. Our goal is to help anybody (and everybody) branch out in SCE related fields, and have fun while doing so!

President: Mumtahin Farabi

2nd Year Software Engineering

I go by Farabi and I’m super excited to be pushing SCESoc to new heights this year!🥳

I’ve been involved with SCESoc previously as a year representative, and as a curriculum coordinator.📕

Prior to my current tenure as president, I’ve also served as the Vice-President Academic.📚

Outside of school, I enjoy playing sports, reading books, and meeting new people.🏖️

Please feel free to reach out to me or any member of the executive team regarding any questions you may have about the society and get involved!✅

You are also welcome to meet us in-person at our weekly meetings and/or in the SCESoc office.🙌

Email: president@scesoc.ca

Vice President Finance and Administration: Mircea Preotesoiu

1st Year Computer Systems Engineering

I first got involved in SCESoc as a first year representative. The reason I got involved with SCESoc was so I could meet new people and form new connections. I really enjoy tinkering around with technology in my free time.

Email: financeadmin@scesoc.ca

Vice President Services: Matthew Jong

2nd Year Computer Systems Engineering.

SCESoc has helped me out a lot during my first year at Carleton and has allowed me to connect with people in similar programs, and I decided to step in and get involved so I could help out and provide services to the community, as well as make the society become even better than before, especially with the long-awaited return to in-person events. In my free time I enjoy coding and board games.

Email: services@scesoc.ca

Vice President Academic: Bardia Parmoun

3rd Year Software Engineering

I started attending SCESoc events in first year and learned a lot from them. I wanted to be VP Academic to help the community learn useful tools and skills and connect with professionals in the industry through various workshops. I am currently on a Co-op term with Apple but I will be a full time student in Winter so you will see more of me on campus then! I love playing music and gardening and I try to do as much of it as I can on my free time!

Email: academic@scesoc.ca

Vice President Social: Eliana Schartner

2nd Year Software Engineering

Hey I’m y’alls VP Social because I like planning stuff. I play a lil bit of violin and have a pet snake (Worm). A fun fact about me is that I’m built for speed.

Email: social@scesoc.ca

Vice President Publications: Anna Bramble

2nd Year Cognitive Science

I got involved with SCESoc as an executive this year after being a director under VP Pubs last year (SCETok director)! Despite the fact that I’m not actually in engineering, I really love the amazing community and I love getting involved!

Email: publications@scesoc.ca

Directors: Here’s to the people that make SCESoc run!

Online Development DirectorsEthan Bradley
Server Hosting DirectorAksh Ravishankar
ChairAndrea Todorovic
SecretaryAshwitha Ala
Accountability OfficerSarah Chow
CEOKiki Chukwama
Assistant Finance & AdminVACANT
Special Projects CoordinatorEthan Gadbois
Workshop / Event CoordinatorMuhammad Maisam, Guy Morgenshtern, Matthew Reid
3D Printer DirectorSanil Srivastava
Office ManagerNikita Yovchev
Assistant PublicationsAndrea Todorovic, Sanil Srivastava
1st Year RepresentativesAndrea Todorovic, Sanil Srivastava, Mircea Preotesoiu, Ethan Gadbois
2nd Year RepresentativesMuhammad Maisam, Kiki Chukwama, Prem Patel, Jawad Mohammed, Nabeel Azard
Upper Year RepresentativesSarah Chow
To email accountability: accountability@scesoc.ca To email office manager: office@scesoc.ca