Intro to Git Workshop

Git and version control and general are not only a great gateway to open-source material, but they are usually mandatory to know once you get out in the job market. Almost every workplace has their own form of version control, whether it be SVN, Github, or countless other programs that use Git.

Join us for a rundown on the inner workings of Git on Wednesday Feb. 17th at 6PM. See you there!

Reading Week

Enjoy the break <3

Societal Wars

Join us in the battle of battles, where one society will come out on top!

Starting Feb. 6th, everyday is a new event:

  • Feb. 6th/7th: Minecraft Building Competition
  • Feb. 8th: Online Scavenger Hunt
  • Feb. 9th: Videogame Tournament
  • Feb. 10th: Trivia Night
  • Feb. 11th/12th: Design Competition
  • Feb. 13th: Online Minecraft Party + Prize Giveaway

There is also a week-long charity event, and all proceeds will be donated!

Stay tuned for more info and sign-ups!

Does Object Oriented Programming Suck?

Object oriented programming has become a major tool in every programmer’s life. So many languages nowadays uses classes or instances, that it can be hard to move ahead without learning it at least once in your life. That being said, object oriented programming is almost universally hated – or is it? Come find out more in this TED-Talk style presentation on Feb. 3rd on the SCESoc Discord.

Winter Directorship Applications Due

Get ’em done!

Apply here:

The Basics of JavaScript

So many programmers know and use React, vue, and Angular, but does anyone actually know vanilla JavaScript? Sometimes it’s a good idea to go back to the basics, so that you can expand your knowledge on the more complex frameworks we use today. JavaScript (JS) is one of the world’s MOST popular programming languages, since it is the programming language of almost everything we see on the Web today! You can’t have web development without knowing the basics of JavaScript, so join us in learning and expanding some of your knowledge!

Winter Welcome

Join us on Jan. 18th at 5:30 PM for some fun destress and Q&A with our executives! Winter semester is finally upon us, so here are the best of vibes being sent your way!

Build a Desktop App with Electron

Come out on Wednesday Dec. 4th to learn how to code a desktop application using Electron!

Moving the final workshop of the term to Friday night at 8PM so people have more time tonight to finish up studies and what not! Come this Friday to learn about Electron!

Making a Game with Lua

Join us on our Discord for a workshop on November 27th at 6PM to learn how to make some cool games with Lua!

November Destress

Join us on November 25th at 6PM for some destress events, like Games, Music, and chattin’!

See you there!