Scavenger Hunt

Do you have what it takes to analyze these clues and decrypt the code? Are you gonna get to the end and get the prize?

If you think so, you should join SCESoc this Saturday at 12PM and help us solve a mystery!

In teams of 3, you’ll be following clues to get to the ultimate prize and claim victory!

Show us your detective skills at 12PM on Saturday Oct. 3rd!

IEEE and SCESoc Presents: Learn Git Workshop

Want to become more versed in using Git? IEEE and SCESoc have a workshop just for you!

This workshop packages both simple theory and practical application in a one hour session!
The workshop starts at 6:30 PM on
Tune in with a machine running a Git compatible OS or virtual machine (Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc)

Details can be found on the IEEE Facebook page: 

Chill Games Afternoon Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Crack your knuckles for some gaming this Sunday at 1PM to 5PM on the SCESoc Discord.

You know the drill.

(Imposters not allowed…)

Microsoft Information Session

Microsoft will be hosting an information session for students interested in their coop positions! They’re looking for students in second year or higher, who are interested in either coop or their new graduate program, Aspire Experience. If you’re able to bring new ideas to the table, have a passion for technology and a huge drive for success, you could be the student they’re seeking!

In order to register to attend this session, please go to Career Job Posting # 103311 (Microsoft Coast-to-Coast Recruitment) and upload your response to the following question:

Why do you want to work at Microsoft? (200 word limit).

Intro to Python Workshop Part I

Want to dive into the basics of Python, or just brush up your coding knowledge? Join SCESoc on our Discord for a Python Workshop!

We’ll be going through some general info, covering everything in ECOR 1041, and more! Get your snacks and your friends for an evening of coding!

Summer General Meeting

Tune in on the 21st of September at 6 PM for our summer general meeting! On our Twitch, you’ll be able to find out what we’ve all been up to this summer with regards to SCESoc, and you’ll be able to ask us any questions.

You can also fill in the motion forms on our website under the “Documents” section if you have anything you would like passed.

In order to vote on motions, you will need to:

1) Be on the Discord at the time of the meeting (via chat at least)

2) Have followed the instructions in the “Voting” channel.

Follow us on

SCESoc Meet ‘n’ Greet

Come out to our Discord from 6PM – 8PM for a night of questions, advice, and so much more! You’ll be able to say hello to our executive team, learn more about us, and we’ll have a breakout session for people to turn on webcams and meet each other!

To top it all off, we’ll be hosting a small slideshow for first years to talk about their courses and provide some information!

Here’s the link to our Discord:

First Day of Classes

Hey SCESoc! September is coming up quickly, and with it brings a new exciting chapter in all of our lives! The first day of classes is rapidly approaching, so save the date!

Make sure to look out for our fall hiring and volunteering options!

SCESoc Gaming Afternoon

Hey SCESoc! Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, come join us on our new Discord Server for some games! Lucky participants will even win prizes! We look forward to seeing you there!

Bring your chips, pop, and all your friends!

Fall Semester Payment Deadline

Hey SCESoc! Make sure you’re keeping up to date on all the deadlines for different payments, OSAP, and scholarships! On August 25th, the deadline for Fall Semester payments will be here, so double check that you have everything set before the start of the semester!

For more information, visit!