Academic Events

Lightning Talks

Hey SCESoc! Come out to our very first Netvember event on November 11th at 6pm! Your fellow peers will be giving cool lightning talks! Check it out:


Join SCESoc for Lightning Talks on November 11 at 6pm! #scesoc #carletonu

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Sponsored by Ciena!

Thank you Ciena for sponsoring SCESoc! Ciena will be hosting a workshop event soon so stay tuned!

“Ciena is a networking systems, services, Ciena is a networking systems, services, and software company. We help our clients build more adaptive networks in response to the constantly changing demands of their users—businesses and consumers alike. We do this by delivering best-in-class networking technology through high-touch consultative relationships, backed by 26 years of experience in building the world’s most complex networks.

From our founding, Ciena has always been a pioneer in the networking industry. Coupled with innovation, our growth and success have been built on our ability to partner with clients—delivering the solutions they require to evolve their networks. What they demand today is changing, driven by changing end-user behavior.

End-users want more capacity, more content, and more flexibility while also demanding less overhead, less complication and less cost. Our clients and their networks must transform. Ciena is the best partner to guide them through this transformation to build a more intelligent and adaptive network.

Only Ciena has the depth of expertise and the culture of collaboration and partnership required to help clients evolve. We do this by strategically integrating hardware, services, and software in an open environment to ensure our clients’ networks are ‘fit for flexibility’ today and into the future.” [LinkedIn]

Visit the company website:

Ciena social media platforms:

Opportunities Sign Ups

CUSEC 2022

Hi SCESoc – We’re sending people the CUSEC 2022 this year IN-PERSON! You can register here to get your tickets:

This year, CUSEC is being held in many locations, including Ottawa. If you select the Ottawa location, you’ll be able to go with our VP Services and get a full refund on your ticket!

Are you from out of Ottawa but still want to go? Depending on how many people sign up, SCESoc can also try to reimburse you for some of your lodging expenses! Make sure to grab your tickets, and stay tuned for another signup with SCESoc after you have purchased your tickets!

Social Events

CAIS & SCESoc Coffee Hour

Hey SCESoc! Hope everyone’s having a great reading week so far! CAIS and SCESoc have teamed up for an AI Coffee Hour event this Thursday at 6pm! Come by and chat with us!

Academic Events

Makers Club

We have a new Club Within SCESoc!! It’s called the Makers Club. This club will aim to foster the a community around projects. It’s a club that works on side projects, supports each other and holds each other accountable. Projects are a great way to learn new skills and technologies, and a community around it will only amplify that aspect. For more information on how to get involved, check out our website at, you can assign yourself the ‘Makers Club’ role on discord. We’ll be meeting up every Saturday @ 11am.


IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition Volunteering

Hey SCESoc! Check out this volunteer opportunity for Ottawa’s largest robotics competition!

Looking to improve your résumé, gain experience, and inspire the next generation of engineers? The IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition (ORC) is perfect for achieving those goals and we need YOUR help!

The ORC has a range wide range of opportunities from research and development to website design available. As Ottawa’s largest student-led and volunteer-run robotics competition for grade 5 to 12 students, we attract 600+ attendees annually.

In the past few years, 75% of our volunteers who referred to their experience with the ORC obtained jobs from IBM, Google, Ericsson, Cisco, Ciena, Shopify, and more! Our volunteers have also won numerous awards for their leadership, advocacy, and community involvement.

For more details and to apply, visit

Feel free to contact us at should you have any questions.


Exam Study Session

Hey first years, we’re a month into the term! This Saturday we’re having an Exam Study Session at 12pm on our server! Our fellow Mentors from SCESoc’s Mentorship program will be there to help out any first year (whether you’re a part of the mentorship program or not) with any of your courses! See you there 🙂


Are you a first year Eng student looking for a little extra help to give your grades a boost? Join the exam study session Oct 16 @ 12pm! #carletonu

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Social Events

Midterm Season Destress

Is midterm season stressing you out? Us too 🙁

Good thing we have a Midterm Season Destress event THIS FRIDAY! Come out and listen to music, play some games, and socialize! Destress with SCESoc 🙂


MIDTERM SEASON DE-STRESS!!! Friday October 15 @ 7pm on the SCESoc discord!!! #midterms #scesoc #carletonu

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Academic Events

Weekly Grind Hours

Hey SCESoc! We will be having weekly grind hours every Saturday at 11am here on discord! Come out and join us!

Disclaimer: Helping solve other individuals homework/assignment questions/problems is strictly discouraged during this session. Instead, we encourage explaining concepts and suggesting resources instead. This session will uphold all the regulations set by the Academic Integrity of Carleton University.


Come to weekly grind hour to share what you’re working on, to offer support, etc! Session upholds all CU academic integrity regulations. #carletonu

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