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Meet Ciena


Hey SCESoc! We have an upcoming workshop with Ciena November 25 at 6pm!

Ciena is a telecommunications networking equipment and software services supplier that is known to be the “world’s biggest player in optical connectivity.” This year SCESoc has the honor of being sponsored by Ciena!

In this event you will learn about what Ciena does and what it is like to work there. You will also have the opportunity to network with Ciena Employees in breakout rooms and even potentially land an interview. Ciena is currently looking to hire Co-op and New Grad students. So come prepared with some questions to ask the Ciena Folks that will be joining us.

This event will be happening virtually on Zoom – RSVP to receive the invite!
RSVP Link –


Meet Ciena event happens Thurs Nov 25 @6pm! RSVP to receive Zoom invite! RSVP link – #scesoc #ciena #carletonu

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