Candidate Statements


Ben Mostafa

Hi, my name is Ben Mostafa, and I’m a 4th year Computer Systems Engineering Student at Carleton. I am currently IEEE technical director, CUSEF SCE representative, KEFC SCE representative, and SCESoc’s VP Services, and this year, my team introduced new services such as office monitors for student use, the arcade machine, and charging stations. We also brought back and improved the tool rental service and 3D printing. We redesigned old merch as well as created new items like the new SCESoc hoodies.

I’ve decided to run for SCESoc President for the academic year 2024/2025 because I want to continue helping to improve our society and our student engagement. If elected, I plan on strengthening departmental ties, enhancing relations between SCESoc and other clubs/societies within and outside Carleton, improving SCESoc’s office space even further (and potentially getting a new space), and reworking SCESoc’s policy and governance to make it easier to understand, easier to follow and more challenging to infringe upon.

Thank you for considering me as a candidate, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Sanil Srivastava

Hello, my name is Sanil Srivastava, and I am running to be SCESoc’s President for the 2024-2025 term. If elected, I am committed to improving SCESoc through initiatives aimed at enhancing governance, collaboration, and member engagement.

Some of the key goals I plan to achieve are:

– Improving SCESoc’s governing documents and creating a multi-year plan, ensuring clarity in Executive roles and paving the way for a successful future for SCESoc.

– Enhancing communication by establishing clear and open communication standards within the SCESoc team to create better coordination and transparency.

– Optimizing collaboration and accountability within the SCESoc team through tools like Jira to optimize processes.

– Boosting member engagement and strengthening the SCESoc community by improving current communication channels and fostering more interest.

– Representing SCESoc and its membership at the departmental level, ensuring our voices are heard and our interests are served.

– Maintaining a safe and healthy environment within SCESoc by providing guidance and support, and prioritizing the well-being of all members and executives.

Furthermore, my experience within SCESoc, as the current VP Finance and Administration, sets me up to perform this role. I have worked alongside the current president to complete many tasks, allowing me to gain a deep understanding of SCESoc’s presidential duties and how to perform them. Other positions I have held that further prepared me for this position include the CSES Software Engineering Representative, Hack the Hill Operations Coordinator, and CU Hiding Treasurer.

I seek your support in my presidency to implement these goals and further improve SCESoc.

VP Finance and Administration

Shri Tungaturthi

Hello! My name is Shri Tungaturthi and I’m a Second Year in Communications Engineering. I’m running to be SCESoc’s VP Finance and Administration for the 2024-25 academic year.

This year, I have had the opportunity of being the secretary, an assistant finance & admin, and an office volunteer for the society. As the secretary, I have learned several important aspects of proper administration within the society and gained insight into how the society’s Executive Board runs by being present at each executive meeting. With the Assistant FA role, I had the opportunity of working on many funding applications and the sponsorship package, among others.

As a departmental society, SCESoc provides several services to students that require proper financing to effectively function and as SCESoc’s VPFA, I want to ensure that these facilities can continue to be well funded and remain available to students, with the potential to provide other similar services in the upcoming year. SCESoc also hosts academic and social events throughout the year, which generally require a flexible budget. Some of the bigger events tend to be held with external companies that can provide partial or full sponsorships for the specific event and/or others through the year. I want to work on increasing the amount of sponsorships SCESoc receives and apply to more grants as well to further optimize the budget.

Thank you for considering me for this position! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

VP Academic

No Candidates will be going to runoffs.

VP Services

Aaron Wang

As an active and dedicated member of SCESoc, I am committed to further enhancing our society’s impact. I envision our office as a dynamic hub for both study and socialization, continuously evolving to meet the needs of students. In the name of SCE spirit, I hope to introduce an exciting range of SCESoc merchandise, allowing you to proudly showcase your affiliation. Additionally, I aim to establish a convenient rental system, granting members access to our extensive collection of tools and resources. I look forward to working with you all next year!

Shifat Ghazi

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Vice President of Services, and I am deeply committed to serving our esteemed community. With a strong background in technology leadership and project management, I am eager to bring my skills and passion to this incredible role.

A Track Record of Excellence
As the Director of Technology for the Carleton CUSEC Society (CCS) and a Project Manager at Carleton University Blueprint, and taking part in CCS Promotions, I have had the privilege of working closely with our members and fostering impactful initiatives. My experience has given me a deep understanding of our community’s needs and a proven ability to deliver results.

Vision for Service Excellence
Accessible Resources: I am dedicated to enhancing the services offered by our society, ensuring they are readily accessible to all members. Whether it’s academic support, career development workshops, or networking events, I will strive to provide valuable resources tailored to your needs. For example, whether it’s having better access to 3d printing, merchandise options, there is always room for improvement.

Collaborative Partnerships: Building on my experience with great partnerships, I will seek tocollaborate with other clubs, industry professionals, and alumni to expand our service offerings and create meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Transparency and Accountability: Building a culture of transparency and accountability within our society is always important. As your Vice President of Services, I will prioritize open communication, seeking your input and feedback to ensure that our services align with your expectations.

Thank you for considering me as your next Vice President of Services. Truly an honour!

VP External

Andrea Todorovic

Hey everyone, my name is Andrea Todorovic, and I am a second-year Computer Systems Engineering student. I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the newly created SCESoc Vice President External role. In this position, I will be dedicated to laying the foundation of the portfolio and managing our connections with external partners, ensuring they align with SCESoc’s objectives. Here are my goals for the position and what I bring to the table:

1) I will thoroughly plan, coordinate, and manage the networking events, conferences, and other relevant activities, ensuring smooth execution and increased participation.

2) I will build relationships with potential sponsors and external partners who share SCESoc’s goals, promoting mutually beneficial collaborations.

3) I will actively engage and network at industry events to expand SCESoc’s connections with external organizations and create more partnership opportunities.

4) I will team up with SCESoc and collaborators to develop marketing campaigns, budgets, and logistical plans, guaranteeing all events are handled properly.

My previous leadership and involvement, including roles such as Hack the Hill Logistics Director, SCESoc VP Publications, and CU Hiding President, prepared me to turn my goals into reality. With my vision and dedication, I am confident in my ability to effectively establish the VP External portfolio and promote growth for SCESoc and myself. Together, we will achieve great things!

VP Social

Joshua Weitzel

Hi, I’m Josh, a first year studying Computer Systems Engineering and I’m running for VP Social. From the start of the year, all the way back to the simpler times of frosh week, I’ve had unforgettable experiences participating in events, making lifelong friends, and becoming a part of our engineering community. As VP Social I hope to make an impact of my own. My goals with this position are to continue running and building upon long standing events like Societal Wars, and to also develop new ideas with any feedback from my fellow engineers. Societal events are what bring people in the community together, and I will strive to make SCESoc’s the best that Carleton Engineering has to offer.

VP Publications

Jules Wong

Hi, my name is Jules and I’m a first year in Computer Systems Engineering. I currently serve SCESOC as one of the Office Managers, one of the First Year Representatives, and one of the Merch Directors. I’m super excited to be running for VP Publications! Strong and clear communication of information is something I really value. Graphic design is one of my personal passions and I have experience running social media accounts from past extracurricular involvement, such as my high school board’s student senator program’s social media. If elected VP Pubs I would strive to take SCESOC to the next level and find creative ways to express the values of our society, such as reviving our defunct Tiktok account.