Winter Directorship Applications Due

Get ’em done!

Apply here:

Build a Desktop App with Electron

Come out on Wednesday Dec. 4th to learn how to code a desktop application using Electron!

Moving the final workshop of the term to Friday night at 8PM so people have more time tonight to finish up studies and what not! Come this Friday to learn about Electron!

SCESoc and EWB Coffee House

Hey y’all! SCESoc and EWB are partnering up to have a CoffeeHouse on Monday November 23rd from 7PM to 10PM!

If you’ve got a talent you wanna show off, sign up to perform!

All tickets are $2.00 and the proceeds will be going to both Movember and International Development projects, like Hello 2030!

Sign up here:

November Destress

Join us on November 25th at 6PM for some destress events, like Games, Music, and chattin’!

See you there!

Making a Game with Lua

Join us on our Discord for a workshop on November 27th at 6PM to learn how to make some cool games with Lua!

Fall General Meeting

Tune in on to watch our Fall General Meeting! We will be discussing our Fall term and our plans for the Winter Term, as well as going over the budget and some constitutional amendments.

If you have any motions, feel free to send them to us via the instructions on the “Documents” page on the website!

We hope to see you there!

Resume Roast

Think your resume is perfect? Submit here to have IBM’s Campus Recruitment Team poke fun at it at on November 17th A great opportunity to learn the dos and don’ts of resume writing and fix up your resume. Personal/identifiable information will be removed (although we would appreciate it if you could remove it as well!).
The event will be on MS Teams:

Missing Semester: A Workshop

There’s so much that you learn in school, and yet some of that information still seems to be missing. More and more, tools essential to the workplace evolve while the curriculums stay the same.

Join us on Wednesday Oct. 28th at 6PM on our discord ( to learn about some cool tools you may be missing out on!

CSES Trivia Night

Come on out to the Stream Society Trivia Night presented by CSES and your C-Eng Stream Societies. Expect to put your knowledge to the test while you and your streamates compete to become the C-Eng Trivia Champs! The top trivia team will be awarded with prizes!




CSES Fall General Meeting

Join CSES on Tuesday, October 6th for our Fall Semester General Meeting!
Come hear updates about the work we’ve done thus far this term, how we have handled the COVID-19 pandemic and give us feedback moving forward!
The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM on Big Blue Button.
Final Agenda:
1.Approval of Chair – (5 mins)
2.Approval of Past Minutes – (5 mins)
3.Approval of Agenda – (3 mins)
4.Review of Robert’s Rules – (3 mins)
5.Executive Reports
5.1. President – (8 mins)
5.2. VP Internal – (8 mins)
5.3. Finance Director – (8 mins)
5.4. VP Academic – (8 mins)
5.5. VP External – (8 mins)
5.6. VP Publications – (8 mins)
5.7. VP Services – (8 mins)
5.8. VP Social – (8 mins)
6.Question for Execs (60 mins)
7.Departmental Reports
7.1. CEE Department – (8 mins)
7.2. Department Of Electronics – (8 mins)
7.3. MAE Department – (8 mins)
7.4. SCE Department – (8 mins)
8. Questions for Council (20 Mins)
9. CUSA FED Rep Report/Questions – (8 mins)
10. CASG Report/Questions – (8 mins)
11. Leonardo’s Lounge Report/Questions – (8 mins)
12. Business at Hand
12.1. COVID-19 Discussion – (30 mins)
12.2. Constitutional and Policy Updates – (30 mins)
12.3. Run Off Elections (60 mins)
13. Other Business – (0 mins)
14. Motions – No Set Time
15. Executive and Council Accountability – (30 mins)
16. Announcements – (5 mins)
17. Adjournment
All times listed in the agenda are to be approved during our council meeting on September 17th. If you have any concerns please email your representing Councilor or the VP Internal (Ahmed Abdalla) before September 17th.
All Regular members of the Carleton Student Engineering Society have the right to participate/vote at any meeting of members where a vote is held. If a Member is unable to attend, the Member may complete the Proxy Form below, or a similar document with the same information, to authorize another Member to vote on the absent Member’s behalf.